he Neraida Floating Museum, as part of its participation in the "Sea Days" tradition organized by the Municipality of Piraeus for 2017, called at Zea Marina from Wednesday May 24 to Tuesday May 30, 2017, giving the public the opportunity to visit it for free. More than 1,200 visitors had the opportunity to tour the Museum's premises, and educational programmes for children ages 6-12 also took place. In addition to the Neraida Floating Museum, the Athenian Trireme "Olympia" participated in the celebratory events.

After the opening ceremony, the Mayor of Piraeus, G. Moralis, and local officials had the opportunity to take guided tours of the Museum's premises. The "Sea Days", organized for the third consecutive year by the Municipality in collaboration with organizations and clubs of the city, comprised more than 50 events free for everyone, focusing on the sea, sports, culture, shipping, entertainment and education.