1. Preamble

1.1 These terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use”) govern the use of the website owned and operated by the non-profit, private-law legal entity named “Neraida Floating Museum” (hereinafter referred to as “the Museum”), based at 59 Diligianni Street, 14562, Kifissia, Greece, with tax identification number 997433443, Tax Authority of Kifissia, tel. 210-6282888, and can be accessed at https://neraida.org/ (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) by its users (hereinafter referred to as “the User”).

1.2 The use of the Website alone entails that the User has read, understood and fully accepted the Terms of Use and that s/he will be bound by them on each visit to the Website.


2. Use of the Website

2.1 Access to any item which is posted on the Website, such as text, pictures, graphics, images, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Content”) and any capabilities provided by it as well as the printing, copying and saving (download) of the Content of the Website is allowed only when it serves informational, research, educational and generally public purposes and provided that the Website of the Museum is always referenced as the source of the Content.

2.2 Use of the Website, in its entirety or part of its Content, for commercial purposes or purposes tied to economic gain is in any case expressly prohibited.


3. Modification – Interruption of Operation

3.1 The Museum has the right to modify the Terms of Use in accordance with applicable law. Use of the Website by the User after modification implies acceptance of the modification.

3.2 The Museum has the right to modify the Content of the Website, to add or remove information and data and to temporarily or permanently discontinue the operation of the Website when it deems it necessary or appropriate.

3.3 The User is informed of any modification and temporary or permanent interruption of the operation of the Website through the relevant webpages of the Website.


4. User Charges

The access to and browsing of the Website and use of its Content by the User are free of charge. However, the User bears the burden of the cost(s) of connecting to the Internet.


5. Responsibility of the Museum

5.1 The Museum is not responsible for any damage, whether positive or negative, which may be caused to the User by the use of the Website or its Content.

5.2 The Website is not an online site for the conclusion of commercial contracts, but is rather only for access to information of informational, research and educational content with exclusively public purpose(s). The Museum does not bear responsibility for any inability, denial or defective performance of obligations to the User from the Museum, its Administration or its employees. Therefore, the User has no right to raise against the Museum any complaints, objections or claims arising from his/her relations with these persons for the sole reason that they appear on the Website.

5.3 The Museum, given the particularities of the Internet, makes every effort to ensure that the information provided by the Museum or by any third party is posted on the Website in full or as transmitted to the Museum by third parties. The information is not an advertisement, direct or indirect, inducement or advice for any action on the part of the User, whether or not bringing about financial results.

5.4 The Museum has taken all the necessary measures, as imposed by common practice, for the high-level security and protection of exclusively its own system. The Museum undertakes to upgrade its protection systems and to have antivirus programs. However, the Museum does not guarantee the absence of viruses and does not bear responsibility in the event of damage caused by a virus to the equipment, software, files of the User or other damage to the User caused by a virus.


6. Responsibility of the User

6.1 The User is required to use the Website in accordance with these Terms of Use and the relevant instructions of the Museum, which are posted on the websites of the Website.

6.2 The User is required to have the most recently updated versions of programs, operating systems and antivirus programs and associated programs for protection of data and computers (antivirus programs, antispyware, firewalls, etc.) installed on his/her computer.

6.3 The User is liable for any damage the Museum suffers as a result of his/her acts or omissions, as well as any illegal, unconventional and/or illicit actions of the User.

6.4 The User is required to comply with all obligations under the applicable law for the protection of intellectual and industrial property.


7. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

7.1 The use of the Website and its Content by the User does not give rise to any form of right in favour of him/her over the work, data or material entities which incorporate intellectual or industrial property rights of the Museum or any third party and which are accessible through Website.

7.2 Any other use beyond that referred to in Article 2 is strictly prohibited, such as any retransmission, publication, adaptation, placement into circulation, presentation to the public, deletion, reproduction, imitation or falsification of the Website or its Content, in any way, in part or otherwise, in any form and by any means. In particular, the User is prohibited from:

a) Exporting or reusing all or a substantial part of the content of the database of the Website. The User of data is not permitted to perform any act that conflicts with the normal exploitation of the database or unduly prejudices the legal interests of its owner and causes damage to the holders of intellectual property rights or related rights in the projects contained in the database.

b) Performing any act aimed at the reverse engineering or reconstructing of the Website software source code or the unauthorized access to any software, system, individual computer or computer network and/or file of the Museum or the attacking (hacking) of the Website and generally its systems in any manner, such as by mechanical means or automated methods.

c) Neutralizing any technological measures that have been put in place to prevent acts that have not been authorized by the Museum, which neutralization is done by the User knowingly or when there are reasonable grounds that s/he knows the results of his/her act.

d) Falsifying or imitating the trademark, brand name or other identifying marks of the Museum, or of third parties, which are published on the Website. The display of an identifying mark on the Website may not be construed as a transfer or assignment, to the User, of a licence or right to use the mark.

 (e) Removing or modifying the Terms of Use or any other electronic text posted on the Website relating to the protection, use or holder of an industrial or intellectual property right, whether or not the User presents to the public part or all of the Website.

7.3 In any case of infringement or imminent infringement of industrial or intellectual property rights or related rights, including of any right specific to the database maker, the Museum or third parties, the aforementioned may, as applicable, demand the imposition of civil, administrative and criminal sanctions against the person who has been or will be in breach of the above rights, in accordance with the law.


8. Photos

The copying, reproduction, publication, retransmission, placement in circulation, public presentation, modification, adaptation, or any other use or conversion of photographs posted on the Website, whether depicting  movable or immovable monuments or buildings or human beings, living or deceased, is prohibited.


9. Links

9.1 The Museum, solely for the assistance of its Users, has posted links on the Website that lead to third-party websites. The Museum does not bear responsibility for the content of these websites, as it has no control over any of them, and does not maintain any relationship with their owners. The Museum makes no warranty to Users concerning the quality or the correctness of the information contained therein.

9.2 Reference to the Website using links posted on third-party websites is prohibited without the prior written approval of the Museum.


10. Personal Data Protection

All the personal data of the User, sent by email to the Floating Museum or recorded by the Customer on the Website, is and remains confidential. The controller of this data is the “Neraida Floating Museum”.

10.2 The Neraida Floating Museum informs the User that it as well as the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, its associates and its external partners, at its direction and on its behalf, will process the personal data sent to it by e-mail or entered into it, as follows:

(a) Type of data: i. With regard to the emails submitted: The data that the User provides upon sending the e-mail (such as the e-mail address and the full name), ii. Regarding the data for subscribing to the newsletter: Personal data entered (such as name, e-mail and physical address).

b) Purpose of processing: i. Serving the User during his/her browsing of the Website and his/her visit to the historic ship the Neraida, ii. defending the interests of the Floating Museum and fulfilling its obligations under Law.

c) Recipients of the data: For the data necessary for the service of each of the above processing purposes and within the framework of the responsibility of each recipient: The Administration, the services of the Neraida Floating Museum, of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and of its associates.

 (d) Data subject’s rights: Any User, as a data subject, may at any time exercise the rights, as a subject of his/her data, provided for in the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and in particular Articles 12 to 23 thereof and more particularly the right to information and access to data processed by the Floating Museum, the right to limit the processing of his/her data, the right of correction and deletion, and the right to the portability of his/her data.

e) Any User wishing to receive the newsletter of the Neraida Floating Museum will have to fill in his/her e-mail address in the special form of the Website. The Floating Museum will maintain and process this data until the User declares his/her wish to no longer receive the newsletter by sending the relevant request to [email protected].

f) The Neraida Floating Museum does not collect or require the disclosure of sensitive personal data (special category data) for the needs of the Website.

g) Further, each User is informed that s/he has the right to withdraw his/her consent for any processing of data for which s/he has given consent to the Floating Museum.

For the exercise of their rights, the data subjects can contact the Neraida Floating Museum (DPO Officer Ms. Christina Ataroglou, tel. 2106282253, email: [email protected]. In any case, each personal data subject has the right to submit a complaint to the competent supervisory authority.


11. Use of Cookies

The Neraida Floating Museum uses Cookies for the optimization and safer use of the https://neraida.org/en/ website and services provided through it. “Cookies” are small files with information that a website (specifically the web server) stores on the User’s computer so that whenever the User connects to the site, the latter will retrieve said information and offer the User services related thereto. The Website https://neraida.org/en/ uses Cookies that are deleted from the device that the User has used to access it as soon as the particular browsing ends (“Session Cookies”) and the User closes the web browser, as well as Cookies which remain stored on the device after the end of the particular browsing and allow it to be recognized the next time you visit the Website (“Persistent Cookies”).

Both these categories of Cookies serve to provide services via https://neraida.org/en/ in the safest and easiest way for users, such as identifying users as subscribers, retaining the information that users enter during their previous visits, for their easier and correct entering on the next visit or for them to share information or content through social networking sites of which they are registered members/users. The website https://neraida.org/en/ uses the following types of cookies:

1. Essentials Cookies

Absolutely necessary Cookies for the user’s browsing on the website.

2. Functional Cookies

They store options and settings of the user in order to provide a more functional and personalized browsing.

3. Performance and Analytics Cookies

These cookies store anonymous information concerning the ways of using the website by the users and record performance and error statistics. This data contributes to the improvement of the services provided on the website.

For any additional information or clarification regarding this Cookie Policy, contact us at [email protected] or at the telephone number 210-6282888.


12. Applicable law – Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are governed by Greek law. Any dispute therewith is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.