The public benefit non-profit private entity under the name "Neraida Floating Museum" was founded with Law 4081 of 2012. It is funded by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, whose objectives include:


the showcasing of the “Neraida” ship

from her construction in 1939, her activities as a rescue ship during World War II, her use by John S. Latsis as a passenger ship in the coastal line of the Argosaronic Gulf and, finally, her conversion into a floating museum

the collection, preservation and conservation

of historical items and objects of historical interest for coastal and oceangoing shipping as well as the shipping and business history of John S. Latsis

the permanent exhibition

of the historical items and objects of historical interest in the Floating Museum as well as the organization of temporary exhibitions and the presentation of the exhibitions at ports in Greece and abroad

the funding and organization

 within the Museum and elsewhere, of lectures, guided tours, organized visits of students (from primary, secondary and post-secondary schools), screenings, conferences, trips of a scientific, research, cultural, informational and educational nature and other scientific, cultural and philanthropic events and programmes, especially of those relating to the history of Greek shipping, the protection of the marine environment and the attraction of youngsters to professions of the sea



Vaggelis Chronis

Angeliki Kontopoulou
Vice-President / Treasurer

Eva Lianou

Dr. Peter Kalantzis

Katerina Boublini